After six weeks of being unable to shake his symptoms, Jason went to the emergency department, thinking he had a bad cold.  In addition to being really tired, he couldn't smoke without having a terrible coughing fit.  He later learned he actually had lung cancer.

Coughing man went to ER thinking he had a cold, but it was cancer

Jason came to the emergency department complaining of six weeks of intermittent fevers, chills and cough. When his symptoms first started, several of his family members had been sick with similar symptoms. They tested themselves multiple times for COVID and it was always negative. He said he typically got a cold every fall as the seasons changed and figured this was just par for the course.

Jason started to become concerned when his relatives were all getting better and he continued to cough. Tired, he was taking naps multiple days each week — which was very unlike him — but he was still able to keep working. He began eating better and taking vitamins. After feeling like he was finally kicking it, he would feel lousy again a few days later.

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